Virtual Second Sunday 5

32 Thames men and ladies ran our Easter virtual Second Sunday 5. Ellen Weir produced the performance of the weekend with an amazing 31.41 while the allure of pancakes at the end powered Nic Gould to the fastest time. Jam, scones and clotted cream was the best cake eaten, though Gordon Pearce will advise eating these after the run – not before.  Click for full THH results

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Blackheath and Bromley Harriers celebrate 150 years!

Congratulations to Blackheath and Bromley for reaching their 150 years. They celebrated in fine style with an Anniversary Dinner at the House of Commons. Despite being a relatively young club by Thames standards (sorry couldn’t resist…), Blackheath & Bromley have achieved great success over the years and they continue to make great contributions to their local community and particularly the wider UK Athletics community.

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2019-2020 Fixture List

(P – denotes Pioneers needed, S – Second Team Fixture) 2019 September P 8 Second Sunday Five – 9.30 am – Home 14 Surrey Road Relays – 12 noon – Wimbledon Park 22 Ladies’ Southern Counties 4-Stage Relays Crystal Palace Men’s Southern Counties 6-Stage Relays – Crystal Palace P 28 Short distance Handicap 5 miles … Read more

2018-2019 Fixture List

(P – denotes Pioneers needed, S – Second Team Fixture) 2018 September    9    Second Sunday Five  9.30  am                                                          Home     P 15   Surrey Road Relays  12 noon                                          Wimbledon Park 23   Ladies’ Southern Counties 4-Stage Relays     … Read more