July’s Second Sunday 5

Well done to Kevin Bonney and Andrea Stehlikova who were fastest for Thames over this month’s Second Sunday 5.  Seventeen Saltires did the run, out of a total of 60 runners.  Nearly everyone seemed to enjoy the lovely weather too.  THH results in the link, with full results on the www.secondsunday5.org website.

What’s your name Club name (leave blank if not) Male / Female Your age category What time did you run? What best describes your route Apart from the finish – what was the best bit of your run?
4 Kevin Bonney THH Male 18-39 35 54 Flat trail Lack of flying ants
12 Andrea Stehlikova THH Female 18-39 38 37 Undulating trail Running up the toast rack twice
14 Darren Selwood Thh Male 45-49 38 42 Undulating trail Obstacle jump
17 Andrew Collins THH Male 50-54 39 18 Undulating trail Blue skies and homemade flapjack after finish- is that a cake?!
22 Jim Foster THH Male 65-69 41 21 Undulating road Seeing lots of other runners out at 9 in the morning
23 Matthew Irvine THH Male Under 18 41 28 Undulating trail The ice cold drink at the end of the run
24 David Symons THH Male 50-54 41 29 Hilly trail The views from the North Downs
25 Simon Gosney THH Male 45-49 41 41 Flat trail Being back running on Clapham Common
33 David Wigfield THH Male 50-54 43 5 Flat trail Realising I’d put in a faster time than last month! Plus the shower afterwards and the endorphin surge 🙂
34 Alistair Irvine THH Male 55-59 43 13 Undulating trail Sunny, not too hot.  What’s not to like?
44 Owen Davies THH Male 45-49 46 19 Hilly road
45 Miriam Rosen THH Female 70+ 47 34 Flat trail Crossing the lovely River Lune at Crook O’Lune (Lancaster)
46 Christina O’Donovan-Rossa THH Female 55-59 48 23 Flat trail Ripley farmers market at the end
50 Robert Streeter THH Male 60-64 50 7 Undulating trail Finding a bit of tarmac after all the sand!
52 David Cobb THH Male 50-54 53 16 Hilly trail Lovely breeze – and the cup of tea afterwards!
54 Chris Mostert THH Male 18-39 58 48 Undulating trail The heat 🙂
56 David Rosen THH Male 65-69 62 52 Flat trail Pleasant temperature for running