There are fifteen positions in the club’s committee:

President: Andy Weir
Honorary Secretary: Simon Molden
Honorary Treasurer: Gordon Pearce
Club Captain: Bethanie Murray
Carver & Commissary General: Maureen Poole

Ladies’ Captain: Bethanie Murray
Ladies’ Vice-Captain: Daisy Irving-Hyman
Mens’ Captain: MacGregor Cox
Mens’ Vice-Captain: : Eliot Nevill
Second Team Captain: Alastair Brown

Fixtures Secretary: Al Irvine
Chief Pioneer: Mike Farmery
Handicappers: Claire Altmann; Jess Davies
Honorary Medical Officer: Andrew McLeod

General Committee: Richard Ollington

There are three further non-committee positions:

Club Archivist: Simon Molden
Webmaster: Paddy Roddy
Kit Secretary:  Richard Ollington

The Trustees of the club are Andy Weir, Simon Molden and Gordon Pearce.