David Jenkins takes the Long Distance honours

A lovely spring afternoon saw David Jenkins take the win in the long distance handicap.  David led from the front, leaving the chasing pack to a tight tussle for the minor places.  Congrats to Andrea Stehkova who took second just ahead of Jeff Armitage and Paul Newby (who put his loss down to a savage dog bite through the final ravine).  Richard Ollington was fastest over the course.

handicap Finish time actual time
David Jenkins 29:45 15:07:05 1:06:50
Andrea Stehlikhova 19:15 15:12:12 1:01:27
Jeff Armitage 19:15 15:12:20 1:01:35
Paul Newby 23:15 15:12:35 1:05:50
David Symons 04:45 15:12:49 0:47:34
Chris Rye 04:45 15:13:02 0:47:47
Richard Ollington 02:45 15:14:09 0:46:54
Mike Farmery 15:15 15:18:01 1:03:16