Oxford and Cambridge Virtual 5km Mob Match

In place of the traditional Varsity Match on the first Saturday of December, Thames hosted an Oxford vs Cambridge 5km Virtual Mob Match from 3rd-6th. Thirty-six alumni took part, 26 for the Dark Blues and 10 for the Light Blues. A number of contests were scored, each resulting in comfortable wins for Oxford:

  • Overall Mob Match (scoring 10-a-side): Oxford won by 75 points to 176
  • Men’s Result (scoring 7-a-side): Oxford won by 39 points to 110
  • Ladies’ Result (scoring 3-a-side): Oxford won by 47 points to 66
  • Veterans’ (mixed) Result (scoring 5-a-side): Oxford won by 76 points to 125.

Full results can be found here. Many thanks to all who took part.

Provisionally, this season’s student contests (which will be the 130th Gentlemen’s race and 45th Ladies’ race) will take place on Saturday 30th March. Updates will be provided in due course.