Ranelagh Mob Match victory

Thames won a second successive mob match against Ranelagh on 24th November in a very closely fought contest. The final result was 1044 for Thames vs. 1055 Ranelagh in a 32-a-side match and there was added excitement as the expected result changed several times as the results were being checked. Thames packed well in the top half of the field including the top three positions and 6 out of the top 10. A holding-back Jim Allchin graciously allowed the Captain to lead Thames home and Howard Bristow was not far behind him in third. Rebekah Edgar was second lady in 36th. It was a great result on a great day for running and both the race and post-race pub dinner were thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. We look forward to hosting the match again next year when we’ll be aiming for a hat-trick. Full results are on the Ranelagh website.