Sun shines on the Summer Handicap

On Saturday 22nd June, a small but classy group of Thames runners used the Summer Handicap as a good appetite builder for the Summer Wine Party held that evening. The Summer Handicap is a staggered start and first off was Karen Farmery. Last to start was the new Thames Men’s Captain, Richard Ollington and, during his rather quick 26.11, he almost overtook the entire field. But Karen running her best time for a long while hung on and won the Handicap for the second year running! Maybe the algorithm needs tweaking…

Although in defence of the handicappers, they got most of the field in within 3 minutes of each other which is pretty impressive. There is always one who gets away!

Congratulations to Liz Straveski, fastest lady on the day with 34.59. (apologies for previous error).

The Carver produced a great tea after the race and the Summer Wine Party held at Simon and Belinda Leathes’ house was a great success on a lovely sunny evening.

start time finish time running time
 Karen Farmery 14:20:15 15:05:20 00:45:05
Richard Ollington 14:43:30 15:09:41 00:26:11
David Jenkins 14:26:00 15:11:09 00:45:09
Vikki Fisell 14:36:00 15:11:17 00:35:17
Chris Hutber 14:36:00 15:11:18 00:35:18
Annette Gould 14:36:00 15:11:21 00:35:21
Rob Turner 14:34:00 15:12:07 00:38:07
Jess Davies 14:34:00 15:12:17 00:38:17
Ed Catmur 14:42:00 15:12:27 00:30:27
Ben Cope 14:31:00 15:12:33 00:41:33
Alex Makula 14:41:00 15:12:51 00:31:51
Anna Garnier 14:35:00 15:12:54 00:37:54
Liz Straveski 14:38:00 15:12:59 00:34:59
David Symons 14:42:15 15:16:30 00:34:15