Thames and the Great War

On this day, it is appropriate that we remember the 15 Thames men who lost their lives in the First World War:

John Euel Witherden BATH
• Roland Herbert Wyndham BRINSLEY-RICHARDS
• Hugh St Pierre BUNBURY
• John James CRAGGS
• Herbert Field ETHERINGTON
• Arthur HOWARD
• Arthur George KNIGHT
• Cuthbert St John NEVILL
• Thomas Guy POCOCK
• Frank Douglas SOWERBY
• Cautley TATHAM
• Howard Simson TINDALL
• Edward Percy TURNER
• Harold Edward VOELCKER
• John Fortescue WORSLEY.

In August 2014, Thames hosted a memorial run to commemorate the men who lost their lives. A booklet was produced in association with the event. It provides an account of Thames during the war, as well as the casualties of the University Race, which by that point Thames had been hosting for almost 20 years. It can be found here.