THH WordPress website user guide

How to: Set set up your account on WordPress

1. Ask a THH website Administrator to create you an account on WordPress

  • The webmaster and THH President are likely to be website administrators
  • WordPress is the online software platform used to manage the THH website
  • Provide Administrators with the email address you’d like to use for your WordPress login

2. Check your emails for your login details

Email confirming login credentials
WordPress change of password

3. Familiarise  yourself with the WordPress dashboard

Dashboard side-menu will vary depending on your accounts assigned role
  • Posts – Add, edit and view posts on WordPress – this is where 80% of the WordPress action will happen
  • Media – Add and view photos and video on WordPress
  • Pages – Add, edit and view posts on WordPress
  • Comments – View and review comments made on the THH website
  • Profile – Edit and view your WordPress profile settings
  • Tools – For administrator use
  • Page Headers – For administrator use

How to: Publish an article to the THH website

1. Go to the post editing page

  • From the side-menu: Posts > Add New

2. Set-up your post editing page

  • Select ‘Screen Options’ from the top right of the page
  • Tick the ‘Excerpt’ and ‘Author’ boxes in the Screen Options pane
Tick the ‘Excerpt’ and ‘Author’ boxes in the Screen Options pane