Ed Catmur

Dear Saltire, Many of you will already have heard the tragic news of the untimely death of our long-time member Ed Catmur on New Year’s Eve. Ed went for a run from Dufton to Cross Fell in the Pennines, from which he did not return. His body was found by mountain rescue on Monday. Ed … Read more

2019-2020 Fixture List

(P – denotes Pioneers needed, S – Second Team Fixture) 2019 September P 8 Second Sunday Five – 9.30 am – Home 14 Surrey Road Relays – 12 noon – Wimbledon Park 22 Ladies’ Southern Counties 4-Stage Relays Crystal Palace Men’s Southern Counties 6-Stage Relays – Crystal Palace P 28 Short distance Handicap 5 miles … Read more

2018-2019 Fixture List

(P – denotes Pioneers needed, S – Second Team Fixture) 2018 September    9    Second Sunday Five  9.30  am                                                          Home     P 15   Surrey Road Relays  12 noon                                          Wimbledon Park 23   Ladies’ Southern Counties 4-Stage Relays     … Read more

THH WordPress website user guide

How to: Set set up your account on WordPress 1. Ask a THH website Administrator to create you an account on WordPress The webmaster and THH President are likely to be website administrators WordPress is the online software platform used to manage the THH website Provide Administrators with the email address you’d like to use … Read more